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Tageze provides vital information required in an emergency situation, through QR Code technology, which can be accessed through any smartphone camera app or any third-party QR code scanner app in any location and time. It is the most advanced Emergency Tag which enables users to create an Online Profile, where users can store all their emergency information with a profile picture.

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  • Accessability

    Online Profile Accessed right from Tag

  • Full Medi-Info.

    Manage your medical information

  • Privacy

    Option to hide your public profile

  • Alert Notification

    Get Notified whenever your tag is scanned

  • 24x7 Update

    Edit your profile anywhere, anytime

  • Data Storage

    Store Unlimited Medical Information

Digital Identity Simple & Secure


One Step Process

Find Tageze QR Code on keychain, helmet, phone, motorcycle, car, dog collar or other items and scan it through any QR scanner App, it will immediately show required information. If not able to scan QR Code then, you can visit www.mytageze.com and enter your Tag ID & PIN

Access Points to view Tageze Profile

• QR Code

• Website Access ID-PIN

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    Simple but more helpful, In case of emergency Tageze provides most required information to first responders quickly, to save life.


    Our system provides an complete medical profile that is immediately available anytime, anywhere.


    Tageze will speak for you when you cannot. To tell who you are, who to contact, and how to save your life.


    Store your medications, doctors, and insurance programs that directly affect you in secure and trusted network.

Get your Tageze

Medical ID Sticker

It keeps your important medical info handy, allowing your loved ones to be contacted and to provide proper treatment.


Medical ID Keychain

Multipurpose Tag which can be used to find your belongings and also to save your life in emergency situation.


Pet Tag

Anyone with a smart phone can scan the tag (no special app needed) to view your contact details and pet’s critical information, so finders can contact you immediately, and your pet gets home faster


Find My Owner Sticker

No more losing your Favorite - Expensive gadgets and Govt. ID. It helps finder of your valuables to contact you instantly. So you reunite with your misplaced belongings


Create your Tageze Profile

Creating your Tageze Profile is quick and easy. Sign up today & start enjoying true peace of mind

What our customers are saying -

  • Preeti B | Pune

    Knowing that my little ones have their emergency contact and allergy information with them at all times brings me so much comfort. Thanks to Tageze for making a medical ID that my kids actually want to have

  • Ketan S | Mumbai

    I bought a super cool Find My Owner sticker kit to put wherever I feel like it can make a difference. Ones on my phone, Laptop and ATM card. The QR scan code allows finder person to see all of the info I’ve provided in my Tageze like owner contact info.

  • Rakesh S | Bangalore

    Just wanted to say thank you! I’ve been a type one diabetic for 13 years and Tageze Tag makes me feel safer if anything were to happen to me! So again, thank you guys so much! I’ll be forever supporting your products!

  • Manoj K | New Delhi

    Tageze has been such a life saver for me. I have several chronic illnesses, and there’s so much of my medical information to keep up with. Now I’m able to always keep it with me, and if something happens people will have a way of knowing how to help me when I’m not able to tell them myself.

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