Tageze OS Updates

About Software Update

TOS v2.0 brings a major update to creating and managing profiles, including the multiple tag linking system. This will help tag owners to easily access their tageze account. A new mail notifications summary provides a collection of details so you can know more specific information about the scanning person and includes other features and bug fixes for your Tageze Account

*Note: This software update is automatically applied to all accounts. You don’t need to do anything to your Tageze Account. All features are available to every Tageze user (including our old Tageze users)

TOS v2.2  -    Released on : 05th December, 2023

This update includes :

Upgrade in User Interface

We've given Tageze a fresh new look! Our web pages have been redesigned with a focus on readability, featuring user-friendly fonts and contrast colors. Navigating through your emergency profiles and information has never been more visually appealing.


Enhanced Caution Message

Now, every time someone visits your public profile, they'll be greeted with a "Caution Message." This additional layer of security is designed to prevent any potential misuse of your valuable personal information. Your safety is our priority, and this feature ensures that your data is handled responsibly.


Direct "Call" Button for Emergency Contacts

In your public profile page, we've replaced the display of emergency contact phone numbers with a convenient "Call" button. This not only streamlines the process of initiating a call directly from the profile page but also adds an extra level of privacy by not displaying the contact number directly.


Nearby Emergency Services Section

Introducing the brand-new "Nearby Emergency Services" section in your public profile page. Now, you have quick access to essential emergency services with three dedicated action buttons to locate the nearest Hospital, Ambulance, and Police. In times of need, every second counts, and these quick actions could make all the difference.


TOS v2.1  -  Released on : 13th June, 2023

What's New:

  1. Lightning-Fast Page Loading: We have fine-tuned our software to deliver blazing-fast page loading times. Now, you can browse through content and access information swiftly, without any frustrating delays. Whether you're exploring articles, images, or engaging with interactive features, you'll experience a seamless and rapid browsing experience.
  2. Streamlined Account Registration: We understand the importance of a smooth onboarding process, and we have simplified it to make it quicker and easier for you to create an account. With just a few straightforward steps, you can now register and start enjoying all the benefits our platform has to offer. No more unnecessary information or time-consuming processes—just a hassle-free sign-up experience.

We believe these updates will greatly improve your interaction with our web software, enabling you to browse and access information effortlessly. As always, we value your feedback and suggestions, which play a crucial role in our ongoing efforts to enhance your experience.


TOS v2.0  -  Released on : 14th September, 2022

This update includes features and bug fixes for your Tageze Account :

Account Registration

  • Now you can create multiple profiles through one email address or one Tageze account
  • It also enables users to add multiple tags to one profile (for example, a person having a sticker, keychain or more tags can now show the same one profile in multiple linked tags)
  • Added a new Manage Profile page, where you can see all your multiple profiles. Makes it easy to Edit / Add / Delete profiles


Public Profile

  • Age given in public profile can now be seen in Years with Months, so pet’s age below one year can be seen in months
  • Added a new button to the public profile page - “Send GPS Location” Button, which will help tag scanning person to send Live GPS Location to tag owner to know the precise location of the person and tag


  • When someone scans your tag then you are receiving mail alert notification with the person's IP address and network location, now along with it will provide Tag Label and ID which will help to identify which tag was scanned. 


Performance & Security
  • Upgrade in server and database which improves system performance 
  • New encryption protects your information from being intercepted by creating a secure connection with your browser