Tageze Personal Accident Insurance - Terms & Conditions

*Effective from 01 December 2023

1. Insurance Coverage:
  • Upon purchasing a Tageze Medical ID Sticker I-Package, the buyer is entitled to complimentary Accident Insurance coverage of INR 1,00,000/- (One Lakh Rupees) for a duration of 1 year.
  • The insurance policy is provided by United India Insurance Co. Ltd.

2. Registration Process:
  • To activate the insurance cover, the buyer must fill up and submit the registration form within 30 days of purchasing the Tageze Medical ID Sticker.
  • The insurance policy will be generated only if all the details submitted are correct and up-to-date.

3. Coverage Details:
The insurance covers the following in the event of an accident:
  • Death due to an accident - INR 1,00,000/- (One Lakh Rupees)
  • Permanent disability due to an accident - Up to INR 1,00,000/- (One Lakh Rupees)

4. Exclusions:
The insurance coverage is not applicable in the following cases:
  • Individuals below 18 years and above 65 years are not eligible for this insurance.
  • Accidents that occur under the influence of intoxicants or hallucinogens are not covered.
  • Accidents that occur while participating in any competition, race, or sports activities are not covered.
  • Individuals committing a crime or attempting self-injury will not be covered.

5. Claim Process:
  • In the event of an accident resulting in death or permanent total disablement, the legal heir or the insured needs to follow the claim process.
  • The accident must occur during the policy period, and resulting death or disablement should be within 12 months from the accident.
  • Accident Insurance cover starts from 2 days after policy issuance.
  • The insurance company will send the policy within 8 days from the day the registration form is submitted, provided the data submitted is correct and up-to-date.

6. Claim Intimation:
The insurer can be intimated by visiting the nearest United India Insurance Co. Ltd Office.

7. Claim Registration:
A duly filled claim form and all original hard copies of documents need to be submitted with the insurer for processing the claim.

8. Claim Settlement:
The insurer will scrutinize the claim documents and authorize the final claim amount.

9. Further Queries:
For any further queries, the policyholder should reach out to United India Insurance Co. Ltd. offices as mentioned in the policy document.

10. Insurance Policy Contract:
The insurance policy is a contract between United India Insurance Co. Ltd. and the customer. Customers should reach out to United India Insurance Co. Ltd. for any issues and claims.

For detailed policy terms and conditions of the personal accident insurance policy is available on the policy document itself. For more information please visit United India Insurance Co. Ltd. Personal Accident Policy.